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Do you need independent, helpful advice?

Have you recently bought some IT equipment or software but need to get it working properly? We provide you with that help in a range of tailored IT services to support and develop your company or organisation's use of IT.

From Software support to hardware installation why not contact us now on
01-8684760 or email support@algan.ie

and see how our services and products can help you to achieve success?

Algan Computer Services Company

Algan provides unique proactive and reactive support to monitor and identify potential problems, then deals with them before they can affect service delivery.
Algan Computer Services


By outsourcing support to Algan you’ll be guaranteed the right on-site technical skills that you need to look after and develop your environment. We will ensure that support quality is maintained and that the critical issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Algan Computer Services Professional IT Support

The support representative you speak to will already be familiar with your IT set-up and network configuration.
We are able to take the your IT headaches away in a cost effective manner.
Server Support

You dont just need a quick fix you need a reliable on call service that is dependable.

How secure is your data have you backed it up.

Is your virus and spyware up to date ?.

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